Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2013

Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality.  About 100 Portrait shoots took place in 2013 for Hospitality Media throughout the UK and Europe.  Life operates at breakneck speed for most, so we thought a little bit of reflection was necessary on activity in 2013 to ease us into 2014.  After some heated discussions, our selection was made; not an easy task.  ‘What makes a good portrait?’ is fairly complex.  The subject obviously has a big part to play in the success of a strong portrait with personality playing a major part, as well as the individual’s mood, plus sense of presentation as to how their personality can be captured.  Additionally much also depends upon: the brief, skill of the photographer, time set aside and whether the environment stimulates.  We’ve enjoyed this so much we may also have to do retrospective years!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Adrian Franklin, Laurie Fletcher, Alan Donaldson, Brendan MacNeill, Lisa Barber, David Cotsworth and Jim Varney