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CLEAN are an independent laundry company and leading provider of linen and workwear rental services to the Hospitality Industry.

Stills Photography

Objective: To create a set of Stills images that is unique to CLEAN rather than buying from stock libraries of Linen being used within the Housekeeping function.

Linen Range: Lucia Linen Range

Location: Chilworth Manor Hotel, Hampshire, 3 star Hotel

Utilising a 3 star Hotel environment to demonstrate how CLEAN’s Lucia Linen Range is suited to a busy establishment where there are high demands for everyday comfort.

Photography required:

  • A brief and shooting schedule was provided.
  • A model was required whereby we arranged through a model agency options on models. This allowed CLEAN to be in full control.
  • From having the models credentials it meant that CLEAN could order the correct uniform size, with brand colours in mind.
  • A conscious decision to allow the model brought along to do her own make-up and hair in order that a natural look was created rather than anything too polished.
  • A ‘stills’ process of ‘How to make a bed’ was carried out with the model.

Results: How has the photography been used?

  • Website and specific Landing Pages
  • Exhibition displays
  • Brochures
  • Power Point and Presentations
  • User guides and step by step
  • Use within Social Media, Twitter and Facebook with links

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The Video

Objective: To create a case study video at the Union Jack Club to demonstrate how CLEAN delivers on all levels of their linen and how through success factors have achieved a high level working relationship with the club.

Linen Range: Isabella Satin Stripe range which 4 and five star establishments use.

We were involved with script generation to ensure we captured the narrative correctly to create the video. This then involved ensuring we liaised with the CLEAN team and the Union Jack Club:

  • Script and timings in place
  • Liaising with the UJC to schedule interviews with key members
  • Scheduling filming with the CLEAN delivery team for lorry and London location footage
  • Liaising with the UJC that Housekeeping teams were made available
  • Ensuring our crew of 3 were well briefed
  • Editing Brief created to know fonts, hex codes, text required, music, logos, urls and how the customer would like to have their video delivered and the lead time involved.

Results: How has the video been used?

  • Website, specific Landing Pages (menu structure amended to accommodate video)
  • Linked In sponsored updates
  • Exhibitions
  • Embedded into Power Point for presentations
  • The video is not used for viewing figures, its function is more about relevance and as a marketing communications tool.
  • Use within Social Media, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook with links.

CLEAN Linen & Workwear
CLEAN Linen & Workwear