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Cast your VOTE now!

The Winner and Runners-up will receive


The winning Portrait with the most votes will be sent an A3 Giclée framed print.


Portrait with the 2nd most votes will be sent an A4 Giclée framed print.

Portrait with the 3rd most votes will be sent an A4 Giclée framed print.

We love nothing more in January than drinking copious amounts of coffee and munching our way through the Christmas biscuit tin, whilst sifting through the previous years portraits.  Commissions are from the Hospitality Industry and taken by our amazing team of photographers located throughout the UK, around 2000 images from 2017. That’s a lot of coffee and biscuits!

Following on from the success of last years on-line poll we thought we’d continue with this and provide a little cheer to January. How you vote is entirely up to you; whether it be down to personality,  a friend or the stand-alone portrait that ticks your box.

How it works is simple:  you can only vote the ONCE but feel free to SHARE!

Vote Now

Closes midnight Friday 9th February 2018

 Partnered with our London printers: Genesis Imaging

 Photographers: Simon Burt, David Cotsworth, Alan Donaldson, Adrian Franklin, James Hole, Ben Meadows, Jim Varney and Jim Wileman


What makes a great portrait?

A key element must be either or combination of capturing the subject’s personality and characteristics or capturing them in a way that they’re not normally seen.   The composition and how the subject is positioned and is framed through the lens are paramount.

Other influences other than the subject itself are; lighting, quality of the lens, styling of the shot, humour and any post-production.

It’s an emotional journey when examining a portrait which, if you’ve wondered around the National Portrait Gallery you’ll know. A powerful portrait allows you momentarily to access a person’s world allowing you to understand more about the subject.

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