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Now in its 3rd year and as ever, choosing our Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2015 was as tough as in previous years and had to be put to a democratic vote!

Our selection was made from a range of hoteliers, chefs, restaurateurs, food operators, receptionists, tableware designers . . . who all make up the the rich, diverse and colourful tapestry of the industry and over 10,000 images!  Talking of tapestries, one of our favourites has to be the Zetter group portrait; rich in colour and style with a setting akin to a Victorian drawing room painting, embellished  with the plush finishings of a by-gone era.  This was taken by Laurie Fletcher at The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell.

 It’s always enriching drawing upon the classics as well as the contemporary which will also find its eventual place within a historical context, the Marc Francis-Baume, Singer Tavern image depicts a modern feel and more in keeping with a record label.

 The team at Midsummer House in the meadow whereby we were visited by cows; we love this image because again there is a nostalgic feel about the past, from a time when cattle were very much part of village life.  This gives a feeling of chef being close to his food source.
 As we continue with our photography over the decades we’re identifying social changes, fashions and styles.  The obvious one is the popularity of tattoos and the sheer diversity of interiors used to create that unique selling proposition that keeps the industry so vibrant.
 BurntTruffle016 Gary Usher and his team at Burnt Truffle, Heswall with head chef Michael Wong
 Portrait by Claude Bosi Claude Bosi by David Cotsworth
 Portrait of Georgio Locatelli Giorgio Locatello by James Hole
 Portrait of Graham Garrett Graham Garrett by Adrian Franklin
 Glynn Purnell, Purnell's Birmingham Glynn Purnell, Purnell's Birmingham
 Portrait of Richard Bainbridge Richard Bainbridge by Adrian Franklin
 Portrait of National Chef of the Year 2015 #NCOTY 2015 by Adrian Franklin
 Portrait of Matt Gillan Matt Gillan by Adrian Franklin
 Portrait of Shaun Rankin Shaun Rankin by Adrian Franklin
 Portrait of Michael O'Hare Michael O'Hare by Jim Varney
 Portrait of Nathan Outlaw Nathan Outlaw by Simon Burt
 Paula-McMinn_Savoy_014 Savoy
 Portrait of Daniel Clifford Daniel Clifford by Adrian Franklin

A variety of photographers work have been selected who are located around the UK:

Simon Burt, David Cotsworth, Laurie Fletcher, Adrian Franklin, James Hole, Ben Meadows, Jim Varney.


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