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It’s not just about the viewing figures, it’s about the relevance. Our first question to a client is, ‘what do you want to achieve from the video?’ Lots of questions are normally required before the filming starts.  In other words, we can help build a strategy and the brief.  A significant element is ‘what is the style going to be?’  This works on the subliminal and emotional workings of the human mind.

Video is a significant tool in the ‘marketing tool box’ for both internal and external communications and can now be placed on a multitude of websites and social platforms.

Video in Hospitality

We’ve been creating video for 7 years and as with everything else how we produce it, use it, share and view it has changed, the seven-year itch?  Certain things haven’t changed, however, to produce successful video content it needs to start from the top,  a strategy.  It needs to be relevant, creative and engaging.

Video in Hospitality can help drive traffic to your website through Search Engines, helps to differentiate you from your competitors, laden with SEO and optimised through ‘sharing’ within Social Media.  Video can help ‘up sell’ your product or services making them more tangible also GOOGLE LOVES IT!

What has changed is that video is increasingly being viewed on all devices and on multi-platforms, this consequently provides huge opportunity when marketing.  Shorter more succinct videos are being used as with ‘video clips’ for social.  Technological changes have advanced such as 4K capabilities, slow-mo and drone provide us with more toys to play with!  I can feel a Blog coming on  . . .

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