Winners of our Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2017

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Almost 2000 votes were cast in our annual Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2017, celebrating people in the industry and the photographers that are creating incredible imagery everyday that then populates websites and social media platforms.

The winner, if you don’t already know was Simon Hulstone from the Elephant Restaurant, Michelin star in Devon.  It was taken at the New Zealand High Commission in Haymarket on the roof top by Adrian Franklin.  The building’s architecture is quite brutal and has the juxtaposition of AstroTurf making it quite a bizarre location.  In addition the impression of a panoramic due to how the image has been cropped, Simon is centred, appearing ‘in charge’ or ‘on top of his game’ overlooking some of the great London landmarks. Simon will receive a beautiful framed A3 Glicée Fine Art print, printed by Genesis Imaging.

Ruth Hansom by Adrian Franklin
Ruth Hansom

This portrait of Ruth Hansom, YNCOTY 2017 was taken at The Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly.  A classic pose of Ruth in her chef’s white, with her petite frame, yet a sense of determination coming through in her gaze.  The backdrop of the majestic rich oak doors and reflection in the highly polished dining table provides a classic resonance. Ruth will receive a beautiful framed A4 Glicée Fine Art print by Genesis Imaging.

Tony Parkin and Graham Garrett
Graham Garrett and Tony Parkin, The West House with Rooms

The 2nd runner up was the portrait of Graham Garrett, chef/proprietor of Michelin star restaurant, The West House with Rooms, together with his Head Chef Tony Parkin.  The restaurant is tucked away in a beautiful remote part of Kent. The Portrait has overtones of a subtle ‘attitude’ which has been created mainly by both of the chefs posture.  Graham and Tony will receive a beautiful framed A4 Glicée Fine Art print, by Genesis Imaging.

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