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The Client

North South Wines – Wine Agency

Dillon Morrall – PR Agency

The Brief

Stills photography of The Bees Knees Sparkling.  Stills shots of both the Brut and Rosé Sparkling were required. Lifestyle shots including Bees Knees Sparkling Brut and Rosé within the following settings: Summer BBQ, Baby Shower, Celebration, Birthday Party and Christmas theme.

Target Audience: B2C

The planning of this shoot was crucial to ensure that all the shots were covered. It was decided upon an ‘extended day’ approach’ due to having the location for one day and people/models involved.

Location: House and garden in West London

Timing: We suggested early September due to still plenty of colour going on in the garden and that the weather should in theory be ok, which amazingly it was.

The Shoot:

The shooting list was fairly extensive and required styling of each shot. To speed things along, as each shot became ready to shoot, the next one in a separate location of the house/garden was being prepped. This worked well ensuring there was little empty time and therefore became ‘super’ time efficient. This enabled us to achieve all objectives. We had a crew of 3, which allowed the smooth flow of the shoot. The camera was tethered to the Mac Book Pro which allowed any corrections to take place before moving onto the next shot which the client could oversee. The shoot day was bright day and no rain, however we still required lighting.

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The Results

 The images are being used on an ‘on-going’ basis throughout the year, taking advantage of ‘calendar moments’.

Bees Knees, Dry January
Bees Knees, Dry January
Bees Knees, Mothers Day
Bees Knees, Mothers Day

Recent Press Coverage

Bees Knees Press Coverage

Bees Knees Press Coverage

Source: Dillon Morrall PR