Our Story

The days of film and processing are well and truly over and so have evolved into this amazing digital age where anything seems possible. Things that would have taken hours to sort in the studio, in post-production or in the printing process now can be added, removed, colours changed and graded etc.

It was in 2009 that we that decided to launch Hospitality Media and operate as an agency as a result of us being booked too many times on the same day and that was how the idea was born. We have been working with photographers throughout the UK ever since! A shoot on Anglesey, we can use a Martyn, who is located in the North West and a shoot in Cornwall we have Simon, you get the idea. Also photographers may have a particular specialisms and who are more suitable for the commission.

Our journey in Hospitality started many years ago within editorial, which is still core to our business. Under the photography umbrella we specialise in a multitude of disciplines and have developed clients from hotels, pub and restaurants groups directly through to contract caterers, PR businesses and publishers.

In addition we have evolved by providing a range of video services which has strengthened our portfolio including motion graphics. This is where we can introduce Limewood Productions our sister production company. The digital landscape is such that it compliments digital marketing and has been another natural development in adding this to our portfolio of services.