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It’s no lie but we take photographs, many photographs, perhaps as many as 50k in a year amount of photographs. That’s a lot. #agreatmany #agreatnumber #mucho #loads #masses . . . you get the idea.

Top 20 Portraits 2015

Video is all the rage, apparently. Video capabilities will outstrip everything . . . that’s scary.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. What we do know, is that if used intelligently, it be can be a very effective tool in communicating  ‘Your Story’.

So many platforms to choose, it’s a digital sweetshop. We’ve calculated 15 million combined video views on our platforms and customer platforms. That’s a lot of views, contributing to current video stats that 69% of Internet traffic is accountable to video.
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Motion Graphics require some thinking about and this is where we can help. We work with your marketing communications plan to create a script. We are able to provide visuals in the form of a storyboard but equally can work from yours. Motion Graphics can be great for channel trailers, conferences, exhibitions or to communicate ‘policy change’.

Motion Graphics Still

Motion Graphics provides an alternative to a conventional video, Infographic, or a Power Point. BUT, potentially can be way more compelling; together with being a super effective method of communicating information fast and which resonates #smartnotfast

Photography, Video, Motion Graphics, writing, we create a great deal of digital content. And as if by magic this compliments digital marketing superbly! By default we can assist with your digital marketing in areas where we have expertise such as on-line platforms.

Computer and tablet screens

Digital Marketing, areas we cover:
Strategy, Marketing Plans, Social Strategy, Social Platforms, Copywriting, E Campaigns & Youtube.

The Winner of our Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2017 has been revealed, together with the Runners up!

We worked with Chef Hayden Groves on the 3 Tours Cookbook, soon to be published by Face Publications.   Adrian Franklin took 5 days to photograph all the food photography.

The 3 Tours Cookbook co-incides with the 3 Tours Challenge, the brainchild of Geoff Thomas involving cycling the Giro d’Italia , La Tour de France and Vuelta a España.

All profits from the book will be going to Cure Leukaemia.


Top 20 Portraits in Hospitality 2017
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