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Brief: To create a Case Study View about the Employee Assistance Programme.

Client: Hospitality Action

Objective: To produce a Case Study telling the story about Mitchell who was helped through his Cancer treatment through counselling provided by Hospitality Action and its Employee Assistance Programme which his employer supports, Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Communications: The video is seeded via social media platforms and other marketing channels including being show at a range of events.

Outcome: A high quality video that Hospitality Action can use for marketing purposes and a Call to Action.  Further edited versions were output for different occasions.

Production Crew: Script writing Cameramen and editing team.

The script element needed to be signed off firstly with all parties involved.  This then allowed us to create a shooting schedule enabling us to complete everything in one day.  We needed to ensure that the Churchill Hospital was happy to allow us to carry out filming as this was very much part of Mitchell’s story.  We also required Mitchell’s colleagues at the hotel to be involved in the the filming and needed to co-ordinate that element ensuring that they were available. Various other practical aspects required the co-operation of the hotel which had to be arranged.

The Voice Over script was created by Hospitality Action and Mitchell which had to be learnt.  Music selection and editing involved creating emotion about Mitchell’s journey of his cancer treatment at the Churchill Hotel and how between his employer and Hospitality Action helped him through this traumatic time.  This was made available through the Employee Assistance Programme that the hotel supports.  This provided Mitchell with essential counselling sessions which he so desperately needed and which Hospitality Action in fact extended.  The editing followed the journey of the script and aimed to achieve the right ‘tone’ together with the music selected.