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Lifestyle photography often includes people, so much photography, unless it’s portrait or event, avoids people for a multitude of reasons.  But people add life!  And as we’re in a people industry, creating beautiful imagery for your business, it makes sense to use people where we can.  Lifestyle photography can evoke a connection or desire to experience what’s on offer.

 Ironing the Tablecloth Ironing the Tablecloth, Exclusive Hotels
 Coffee and Croissants Coffee and Croissants, Fego
 Setting the Table Setting the Table, Exclusive Hotels
 Life's a Bowl of Cherries Life's a Bowl of Cherries!
 Wedding Lunch The Wedding Lunch
 Sharing lunch Sharing Lunch, Fego
 Table preparation Exclusive Hotels Preparation Perfection
 Happy Housekeepers Happy Housekeepers
 Kingdom Penshurst Kingdom Penshurst
 Concierge Exclusive Hotels Concierge Exclusive Hotels
 Chefs for a day Chefs for a day
 Friends and Fire Friends and Fire
 Shake Time Shake Time
 Menu Writing Menu Writing
 The Gardeners at work The Gardeners at work

Lifestyle photography works more on an emotional level, together with other elements such as desire and complimenting ones own or aspirational lifestyle. Lifestyle photography can help ‘sell’ and actualise aspirations and appeals to the customer. It often requires an element of styling, as the word suggests! Styling can be done ‘in-house’ by the client or by engaging a stylist. Whichever way a, ‘brief ‘ is required.