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Brief: To provide one day Filming and Photography on location in Milton Keynes at Santa Maria’s test kitchen with 4 Chefs, Left to Right: Karim Maoui, Marc Dennis, Lee Desanges, Simon Hulstone,

Client: William Murray Communications

Objective: To produce 80 Assets: gifs/memes, Photography and Video Clips.

Communications: To be seeded on Santa Maria Social Media platforms throughout the course of the year.

Outcome: High quality and quantity of assets for use on social media created on a one day location shoot and with 2 days editing.

Crew: Cameraman, Photography and Assistant

Client Testimonial: ‘For this project we had to capture and edit a lot of content in a very short period of time, there were lots of spinning plates and things to cover but the HM were absolutely up to the challenge. It’s always a pleasure working with Adrian and his team and this occasion was no exception’.

Chef Lee Desanges
Chef, Simon Hulstone
Chef, Simon Hulstone

A highly organised day was spent at Santa Maria’s test kitchen with the client.  The following elements from the photography were required: portraits of individual chefs, group portraits using a black backdrop, creating  a quality and contemporary feel.

A quiz was set up, creating engagement for the target audience.  This was done between chefs to help raise awareness of Santa Maria spices. Filming was carried out with a Q&A session with elements of humour injected.  Other filming for social involved filming the spices themselves making perfect clips.

Green Peppercorns
Green Peppercorns
Star Aniseed
Star Anise